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Aug.7, 2019

Tri 5 Nationals, Bowling Green, KY

Calling all 55-56-57 Chevys!!! This is going to be a great show. The grounds here at Beech Bend Race track, are spectacular. There will be over 3000 cars on display, as well as all the parts you could want! So, of course, if you need a radio, speakers or any accessories, for your car or truck– come see us! If you mention facebook or this blog, you can get $20 off a radio!

June 29, 2019

Push the Pause button and refocus…

We got to Colorado on the 17th and we are still here! Our show here in Pueblo was great and met a lot of great people! We had planned on doing the Good Guy show in Des Moines, but after looking at the cost, we decided NOT to do it. It would not be worth our time. So, we decided to stay put until the IOLA show. Its funny, we drove from Wisconsin to Colorado and now we will do it in reverse!

The BEAUTY here blows my mind! We both love the Rockies! The temps have been HOT, but there is no humidity that we are used to in New Orleans! It has also been nice to have “friends” here. I have a friend that I haven’t seen in over 20 years, but she and her husband have been great to help us out with a car while we are here. (its actually their son’s) And I have a friend I met on a FB group over 5 years ago and she lives here too!

We are still in the classic car audio business!! It just doesn’t feel like it at the moment! Hopefully we will see some of you in IOLA.


Well, when we took off from New Orleans 4 months ago, we had great expectations of all the classic car radios we were going to sell! We still do I guess, but we have 15 shows under our belt, and all of them haven’t been great (as far as sales go). Yes, we need to make money, but we are so grateful for all of the wonderful, amazing, helpful and generous people we have met along the way.

A lot of people wonder how we can actually LIVE in our truck camper. It truly isn’t a problem. We LOVE being together and we LAUGH at ourselves a lot. We can do everything in here that we can do in a “real” house. Life on the road in the camper is really a great experience. We do have lots of experience now with LEAKS!!

Now, if we can get this business really going…. this website working…. sell lots of classic car radios, then life on the road will really be great!

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